Welcome textile fans to the Blog BRANKA ON TEXTILES

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Growing up flax Textile row material

If curious, take in the subject with me, and let’s do a good job

Welcome textile fans!

Welcome textile fans, to discuss textiles in all Cultural aspects and meaning – handcraft techniques, uses, development, outfits… I, as having Blog Branka on textiles, want it to spread interest as much as possible in a wide area of exploring and discussing textiles. I would like to expose my own results.

I will do it as committed as I can, in the broad field of research and discussion on textiles.

As an incentive, I can help by presenting my own reference results. I would like to express valid results, but also very much sensitive relations in it.

And as very much important today, sharing fanciful ideas and having a fan as creative spend leisure time.

Furthermore, modern paradigms very often originate from the deep traditional routes. Discussion textile trends could easily decode real that real sources. Trends often emerge, mainly from tradition into desirable new models.

Even now grannies are tutoring their grandchildren, ultra-modern designers.

Protection of textile cultural heritage

The protection, as well as preservation of textile cultural heritage, is the focus of the study of folklife and the research of traditional work processes.

For that reason, we are interested in ancient forms of domestic textiles. For example, the white homemade, summer costume; towels; sheets; but also pallets, and sacks. Wool contains various decorative pieces of folk clothing, such as archaic luxurious woven aprons, an antique dye for wrapping the foot in sandals, then rugs, and even a forgotten mosquito net as a type of bed protection in the open-air…

That’s why, textile works are for sure, among the oldest activities of women always. Also, there are many traces from prehistory, confirming it. A different concept is an analytical approach to the study of heterogeneous handicraft procedures in the ethnic communities of Vojvodina.

Because of all these facts, welcome textile fans, let’s explore textiles together!

Branka on Textiles is a thematic blog in – Textile Niche – on studying aspects of Textile culture. Here, I am working on the relevant subjects: as it is The Continuity of Weaving production processes skills; the History of developing wearable clothes, until the Contemporary fashioned Outfit

The blog Branka on Textiles on the study of textile culture can easily become a source of knowledge about various types of authentic handicrafts, which is often identified as folklore symbol and regional specialties.

Here, I invest knowledge based on decades of experience, aroused with a curious look at Textile Future Perspectives

Instead of individual lonely work, we could do much more together.

Sincerely, Branka on Textiles