Students’ Tapestry Woven Structural – The news for our artistic environment comes from the Cultural District in Novi Sad. You are all welcome to the exhibition of works by students of the Department of Textiles, FPU in Belgrade, with the title “Woven – structural” from November 16 to December 8 in the gallery “Atelier 61”.

Students' Tapestry Woven structural-memory-promotion-early-works-during-studies.jpg
A group photo, memory of the promotion of early works during the studies

The exhibited works were created as exercises in the Design program, Textile module, in the Tapestry subject. Traditionally, the results of the third and fourth years (2021/22 and 2022/23).

Jelena Đorđević Brcan, a curator in “Atelier 61” emphasized that Art cannot survive without young people. It draws on their ideas and, new energy. Mrs. Brcan with pleasure pointed out that now is the first time a generational review of the study program results is presented in the Creative District in Novi Sad with the exhibition “Woven – Structural”.

Student`s Tapestry Woven structural – a couple of characteristic works

The mentor, Professor Leonora Vekić, explains the tapestry weaving exercises, where students express their ideas and attitudes primarily through the traditional tapestry technique, through the performance of artistic and aesthetic content.

Dunja Dimitrijević, horizontal warp at a woven image
Students' Tapestry Woven structural-Čobanov-vertical-warp-wefts-fishers-thread-clinging-PVC-aluminum-foil.jpg
Milica Čobanov: vertical warp; wefts: fishers thread, clinging PVC, aluminum foil

Katarina Lazevska, one of the authors, precisely explained to me the involved phases of making a tapestry: creating conceptual solutions for the tapestry artwork; making color charts for dyeing woolen yarn; drawing a cardboard sketch in a 1:1 ratio; setting the cotton warp, and weaving. The typical tapestry format is 90:90 cm.

A stylized composition subtle colored, woven along the vertical warp threads, in the position as it is displayed. As are many examples at the Exhibition.


But in the final year, exploring the tactile values of textiles based on classic two-dimensional weaving, they further conquer the freedom of spatial structure, with ideas of visual and associative/metaphorical values.

Vidak Radenović: close to „Por la vida con alas y aletas” and “Permanent Residence” (right)
Students' Tapestry Woven structural-Exhibition-opening-Leonora-Vekić-Jelena-Đorđević-Brcan.jpg
At the Exhibition Woven – Structural opening, the host Jelena Đorđević Brcan and Professor Leonora Vekić, spoke about students` works

You are welcome until December 8 in the District Gallery, every working day from 8 am to 4 pm.

I recommend this visit as the presented works are worth your attention

Sincerely yours, Branka on Textiles

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