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Let’s Explore all about textiles – I am ready for new challenges and am active in textiles, their tradition, and innovation. So, expect my best at starting this Blog. Curious about Textiles, their tradition, and innovation. It’s me, live in Novi Sad, Serbia since had started my only job for my eternal working life! As an Ethologist was dealing as a museum curator. Retired, after a long working career as an ethnologist, and museum advisor; I was born in 1950, in Nis, in central Serbia, but age of youth lived at Aleksinac.

Because I was occupied with the traditional way of private and social life, logically chose to study Ethnology. Graduated from the Department of Ethnology, the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade, 1974; From 1975. until 2014, I was lucky to work as curator of the Museum of Vojvodina.

Let's Explore all about textiles-tapestry-woven-woman's-dream-scene.jpg
А woven scene of a woman with poultry, woven symbols of the happiness of the love of fertility, Carpet, inv. No. 6641, Ethnological Department, Muzeum of Vojvodina, detail

Let’s Explore all about textiles – As you can see, here on the carpet is a woven scene. Women with poultry and many woven symbols of happiness, love, and most of all, fertility. It is because, when dreaming of her family life, women wove symbols expressed through images of poultry, heart, frog…

People, what’s your opinion? Could be the traditional pattern of country life and symbolic textile expression more valued nowadays?

That’s me in the spring of 1976.

Look at me! And realize my optimism. So, those were the days when I started the “first furrow” in the Ethnological Department of the Vojvodina Museum.

For sure, it’s my hope face of an ethnologist-trainee who dreams of becoming a true museologist. For this reason, I had just opened a research topic to draw on my entire working life.

Nowadays, it’s time for a new Mission

Because of that, I am wishing for the chance to interact with many positive people those passionate about textile and weaving exploring fans.

The Blog could foster synergies in the attitudes of individuals equally in the local environment as well as around the world. Today, mankind is dreaming about the ideal life.

Explore all about textiles-work-about-looms-for-curator-exam.jpg
“Knitted-vest-my-handmade-and-museums-loom- assembled-by-myself-in-1976.”
Explore all about textiles-with-daughter-after-award-ceremony-my-contribution-protecting-cultural-heritage-Province-Vojvodina-2015.jpg
Happy and proud, with my daughter, immediately after the award ceremony for protecting the cultural heritage of the Province of Vojvodina, in 2015.

Let’s explore textiles together at my Blog on the Textil Culture topics