Craft Entrepreneurship Fair 2022, the Provincial Secretariat for Economy and Tourism organized a special event, held on 21. and 22. March in in the “Master” Congress Center, aims to provide support to local craftsmen and entrepreneurs. For many years, has been paid special attention to preserving traditional crafts and domestic handicrafts. Approximately 30 exhibitors and participants with professional panels presented themselves at this year’s employment Fair.

Representatives of the Ministry of Trade, Tourism, and Telecommunications and the Association of Craftsmen of Novi Sad spoke on the topic “Crafts – creative, old, traditional, artistic, …” starting at 1 p.m.

From 10 a.m., the sales and exhibition event in the “Master” Congress Center. Weaving workshops from 11 a.m. and artistic embroidery from 1 p.m. Organization and execution of demonstrations: Association of Weavers of Novi Sad; and the Miraculous Loop`s embroidery workshop.

Craft Entrepreneurship Fair 2022 I attended the second day, again. After the usual rush around the opening and the attention paid to the representative guests enjoyed a more relaxed day. I already knew most exhibitors, but there was also new knowledge. After a few years of rare opportunities for promotion, it seems to me that it will take some more time to open up to the public.

Craft Entrepreneurship Fair 2022 presents traditional textile activities

I focused my interest on textile activities. I talked and recorded interesting things from weaving, embroidery, and sewing with the novelties of this spring. So I somewhat neglected other interesting contents, such as homemade honey, teas or natural cosmetics, and ceramics. However, I was strongly influenced by the good atmosphere, mutual friendship, and cooperation between the exhibitors. So weavers bought light traditional slippers made of first-class cowhide. And others circled with salty or sweet servings.

Craft Entrepreneurship Fair 2022, is such an event when I am shooting a series of interesting scenes, as I usually do during tours. Otherwise, these recordings remain in the databases. Now, I decided to publish part of it. I wanted it to be right away but I am a little late here. Namely, I have been writing this blog for a while, but I did not work with more demanding software tools. Once again, I came across claims in the instructions that it was a few minutes’ work. And she realized again that it was true, but only when you mastered the procedure.

It’s a deep night, so while I’m not sure this is the best I could do, I’ll post a small selection of illustrations. The opening of the gallery was not very obvious to me. The photos in the text section are compressed in a rectangular field. Images are viewed as usual, by clicking on images.

I`m almost satisfied as it is my first time, and I hope for future progress in other digital skills as well.

Sincerely, Branka on Textiles

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  1. Vrlo tačan i lep opis sajma i atmosfere koja je vladala u kongresnoj sali master hale u ta dva dana.

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